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Posted On May 24, 2016By Steve McDonaldIn blog

The Rise of Authoritarianism

  We are living in the space between two paradigms right now. The old paradigm systems are obviously failing (eg economic, political, industrial) and the next paradigm systems aren’t quite ready yet. It’s a very frustrating time for many. Historically what usually happens at this point is, people are so frustrated that their search for an answer looks backwards to the previous paradigm. In our case that means back to Authoritarianism which was dominant in the Middle Ages. Funnily enough this backward step actually speeds up the change process becauseRead More

Posted On November 9, 2015By Steve McDonaldIn blog

Interview on ABC Radio National

ABC Radio National’s program The Drawing Room recently interviewed Steve McDonald and David Woods about MDMA-therapy to treat posttraumatic stress disorder in war veterans. David Woods and his colleague Jon Haynes, directors of the theatre company Ridiculusmus, have created a stage play about MDMA and PTSD, called Give Me Your Love. Click here to listen to the interviewRead More

Posted On December 30, 2014By Steve McDonaldIn blog

Beyond corporate power – what’s next?

A new paradigm, beyond our corporate-dominated modern world, is drawing near. The emergence of network-centric systems that significantly reduce the need for centralised control is the leading edge of a whole new way of social organisation. I’m not quite sure the term ‘postmodern’, which has been associated with people escaping the modern paradigm, does it justice. This is a highly sophisticated worldview that’s tech-reliant but also humanistic, with great concern for personal freedoms and social justice. It’s also an evolutionary response to the peaking of our modern paradigm, which has gone to extremes latelyRead More