Explaining the Paradigm Shift

Steve McDonald discusses the causes and implications of the current global paradigm shift in this two part video series, with PostScript host and founder of The Arlington Institute, John L Petersen. Recorded at Berkeley Springs, West Virginia (September 2016).


  • Scientists convert spinach leaves into human heart tissue - that beats https://t.co/2MW6oaXK4I 5 hours ago
  • RT  @physorg_com : Researchers create artificial #materials atom-by-atom https://t.co/sOrtVBY02P 18 hours ago
  • Yes. https://t.co/bIfifS1TbB 3 days ago
  • @gizmag  AI dev seems stuck on the 'electrical circuit' brain model. The microtubule system hasn't even registered on their radar yet 3 days ago
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