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Fresh deep analysis of global trends and emerging technologies to help us make sense of our world, hosted by Steve McDonald.


  • RT  @Rainmaker1973 : Imagine riding the subway when you realize you’re not quite sure of the changes you need to make on your journey. No pro… 7 hours ago
  • RT  @futuresenseshow : Future Sense Series 3 has launched! Listen now at https://t.co/ZLXU5dwxjK Subscribe at https://t.co/Q8l8KEUyVL #futu… 2 days ago
  • This is very sad. The over militarization of police has been a creeping issue and it’s time to turn this around… https://t.co/y42kgEf91e 3 days ago
  • RT  @iceagereentry : Study by UCLA and Stanford Finds COVID-19 “10 Times Less Fatal than First Thought” "The vast majority who catch it wil… 5 days ago

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