Evolutionary Tension

Steve McDonald discusses global tensions in this two part video series, with PostScript host and founder of The Arlington Institute, John L Petersen. Recorded at Berkeley Springs, West Virginia (May 2017).


  • It’s all about the E8 crystal. An emerging Theory of Everything (everything within the simulation, that is) https://t.co/GqSUvZjgpU 29 minutes ago
  • ‘There is no inside, no outside’  @DennisMcKenna4  shares his wisdom on consciousness, intelligence and reality https://t.co/bNNEJO1p8s 24 hours ago
  • UK coal power collapses, industry body disbanded. Only 2% of the UK’s power has come from coal this year #auspol https://t.co/H9sNgssNSn 1 day ago
  • On my way to Melbourne for a week of blockchain immersion 6 days ago
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