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Fresh deep analysis of global trends and emerging technologies to help us make sense of our world, hosted by Steve McDonald.


  • The next 2 years will be interesting as the general public realises the planet is cooling. Here a NOAA scientist su… https://t.co/QDCCNuJhoT 13 hours ago
  • This panel discussion on modern shamanism was one of the more lively at the Entheogenesis Australis Conference in 2… https://t.co/Esi2x3vf8t 3 days ago
  • As expected, Central Bank Digital Currency rollout is flagged by the USA (and others). This is a desperate and dang… https://t.co/FoyPDBP1vq 1 week ago
  • Ice core data shows we are living in cold times compared to the last 8,000 years https://t.co/9GozTQgS6J #climate… https://t.co/EYZ8PfpYY0 2 weeks ago

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