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Fresh deep analysis of global trends and emerging technologies to help us make sense of our world, hosted by Steve McDonald.


  • The old paradigm systems are slowing being picked apart by new thinking, supported by technology that reveals what… https://t.co/S0k9AVIGVF 18 hours ago
  • RT  @rosshill : Many groups are splitting from the social nets. https://t.co/3xee3QrmuE 22 hours ago
  • Networks like Twitter and Facebook are beginning to deconstruct themselves via dysfunctional censorship, which is a… https://t.co/AuilZ4BKPK 22 hours ago
  • As predicted when the testing guidelines were changed in January, case numbers are now plummeting https://t.co/dyQYyYtVpP #futuresense 2 days ago

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