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  • RT  @jacobgossel : From Awake Aware Alive episode 28 with acupuncturist Dr. Steven Booth. https://t.co/Hri3OwJvyF artist: Symbolika https://t… 2 days ago
  • “‘The tyranny of merit’ is tearing America apart’” by Stan Grant https://t.co/OkLdy2bnBJ 2 days ago
  • RT  @futuresenseshow : Why are our social systems collapsing and where are we headed? Episode 134. Collapse and Decentralisation is now onlin… 6 days ago
  • I’ve just DM’d you again  @NAB  regarding my 6 week delay in getting a simple transfer limit increased. What are the… https://t.co/JkEZT3uX5R 2 weeks ago

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