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Fresh deep analysis of global trends and emerging technologies to help us make sense of our world, hosted by Nyck Jeanes and futurist Steve McDonald.


  •  @futuresenseshow   @NyckJeanes  Tune in, turn on… 3 weeks ago
  • It’s all about corporate profiteering. So many layers of obfuscation. https://t.co/Wl8EAQo85Z 3 weeks ago
  • Two weeks and 40C heat later, hail still hasn't melted on this outback property https://t.co/MbfYx7vyHW 3 weeks ago
  • RT  @NGO_ICEERS : 🔴The first all-encompassing safety guide to #ayahuasca sessions published by a government health department. https://t.co/Q… 4 weeks ago

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