According to the research of Dr Clare W Graves (1914-1986) humanity is fast approaching our largest leap forward in culture and technology, ever. This leap is ultimately taking place in our consciousness and it promises to bring radical change to our social structures, our technologies and life in general.

The information provided here is adapted from the research notes of Dr Graves, who passed away before publishing his work academically. From the early 1950s he undertook a nine year longitudinal study of psychological and behavioral development in 1,065 adult participants. His findings provide a map of human developmental stages and associated change dynamics. Dr Graves concluded that human development is an unfolding, emergent, spiralling progression towards more complex and capable ways of thinking and behaving. The patterns of change he documented apply at all scales, from individuals to families and communities to nations and to the evolution of humanity as a whole.

The following pages will take you on a journey through the change process:

  1. The Dynamics of Change –¬†what we experience as change unfolds
  2. Stages of Development – a road map for personal growth and human evolution
  3. Sound – changing frequencies that model increasing complexity
  4. Altered States of Consciousness – how they help us change
  5. Human Evolution: Who are we becoming? (2011) A journal article by Steve McDonald
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