Altered states and change

Throughout history altered states of consciousness have been used to gain different perspectives on life and to enquire into the past and future. Research by David Lewis-Williams suggests that the very earliest human records left on cave walls were the result of altered states. In the video below, author Graham Hancock discusses altered states and the work of David Lewis-Williams.

During times of personal change, if used wisely, altered states have the potential to enhance and accelerate our change process. They can be achieved in many different ways including through meditation, music and sound (including drumming), physical exercise such as yoga and martial arts, and through the ingestion of certain foods, drinks or medicines. In fact most of our normal daily activities alter our state of consciousness in some subtle way.

Once at the heart of our spiritual and healing practices, modern western culture has devalued altered states and today few people understand their full potential. There is a growing renaissance however, using meditation, sound induced trance and psychotropic plant medicines, which is slowly rekindling our knowledge of this most valuable tool.

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