Sound and patterns of change

The video below provides a beautiful example of the change process, including the change cycle which takes us between stability and chaos, and the progression through stages of increasing complexity.

In the video, salt is sprinkled on a metal plate. Sound waves are then passed through the plate causing it to vibrate. Watch as the sound changes from lower to higher frequencies. At various times ‘standing waves’ of sound generate a pattern in the salt. As the sound frequency continues to rise, each pattern breaks down into chaos and then reforms into a new, more complex pattern as the frequency increases. This alternation between order & chaos and progression through stages of complexity is a universal pattern that also shows up in human consciousness, as we respond to changes in our life conditions.

One of the most useful things we can do during the change process is to alter our perspective on life. Learn how altered states of consciousness may have supported our evolutionary process in exactly this way.

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