Entheogens and the Mysteries

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Entheogens and the Mysteries: Sacred Plant Alchemy

This was a two hour public presentation given by Steve McDonald at the Melbourne Rosicrucian Centre on Wed 26 June 2013.

Plants play an essential role in life as the source of our oxygen and nourishment. Throughout history they’ve also been used to enhance spiritual practice. The ancient Vedas tell of a plant-based drink called Soma, also known to the Zoroastrians as Haoma, as a source of direct revelation and immortality. Similarly, the highest level of initiation (Epopteia) in the Greek Eleusinian Mysteries involved a hallucinogenic drink known as Kykeon. More recently the magical use of plants has found a place in western mythology and influences more of our culture than we may realise. This presentation explores the history, science and mythology of sacred plants as entheogens (n. from entheos – ‘inspired’ or ‘animated with deity’ and genesis – ‘becoming’).

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