Global Tipping Point

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This chart maps an impending tipping point within a longer global change process, as the scientific-industrial era slips from dominance and a new postmodern era emerges. The data shown incorporates research from a number of disciplines including developmental psychology, astrology, complex adaptive systems theory and economics.

The planetary alignment dates have been rounded off to years, showing the period of peak impact. Their influence begins before and continues beyonds the years indicated.

The direction of change is away from modern, individualistic, exploitative behaviour and social systems towards a more humanistic, technology-centric, equitable and highly networked global society. The change is expected to bring a radical shift in economic systems and the global power base. We anticipate a trend towards the decentralization of power, re-localization of manufacturing and food production, rejection of exploitative government and corporate behaviours, regeneration of local communities and the transformation of the Internet to restore privacy and data security. Over the longer term there will be a decline in the power and influence of nation states and an increase in truly global systems.

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