The Rise of Authoritarianism

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We are living in the space between two paradigms right now. The old paradigm systems are obviously failing (eg economic, political, industrial) and the next paradigm systems aren’t quite ready yet. It’s a very frustrating time for many.

Historically what often happens at this point is, people are so frustrated they look backwards to older paradigms in their search for an answer. In this case that can mean reverting back to authoritarianism which was dominant in the Middle Ages. Funnily enough such a backward step will actually speed up the change process because things only get worse, which then usually triggers some kind of revolution. Last time this happened it triggered the scientific and industrial revolutions plus a revolution in human values, the European Enlightenment.

We’re about to live through a new revolution in human values with a similar degree of change, except this time it’ll happen much faster due to our communications technology.

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